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Who needs this?

  • Children who are constantly asking for new toys, electronics, food, etc
  • Children who resort to begging or throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want
  • Children who move quickly from one thing to another and don’t appreciate all that they have


What we teach your child

  • The Power of Gratitude — a superpower they can use to get rid of the feeling of always wanting new things and truly tap into the feeling of gratitude for what they already have
  • How to use delayed gratification to save or wait for the things they want
  • How their constant need for instant gratification upsets their parents and is ultimately detrimental to themselves


What you get

  • The Instant Gratification Comic
  • Parent’s Guide to Instant Gratification — explaining the cause and ramifications of Instant Gratification and offering solutions for this problem. It also contains many effective tips and techniques to tackle your child’s need for instant gratification
  • The Gratitude Journal — proven to help your child realise all that they have and can be grateful for it, increasing their compassion and reducing their need for instant gratification

Instant Gratification

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