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Problem Solving Packs 

Comics, Parent Guides and Worksheets that give parents and kids the tools they need to overcome the problems listed below.

All based on tried and trusted CBC techniques.


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Product Details

Who needs this?

- Parents who want to give their children tried and tested techniques to deal with sadness in a healthy, appropriate way
- Children who are struggling to get over a sad event and allow it to take over their lives for an excessive amount of time or to an extreme degree

What we teach your child

- The Power of Affirmation — a superpower they can use to overcome their sadness by changing their negative thought processes into positive ones
- Not to dwell on one negative thing and get caught in a vicious cycle of pain and torment allowing it to affect the rest of their lives
- To be active in overcoming their sadness with practical ideas they can put in to practice

What you get

- The Sadness Comic
- A Parent’s Guide to Sadness — explaining the cause and ramifications of Sadness and offering solutions for this problem. It also contains many effective tips and techniques to help you tackle your child’s excessive or unhealthy Sadness

- The Positive Portal Worksheet — proven to help your child document and rationalise their negative thoughts, then change them to positive ones

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