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Problem Solving Packs 

Comics, Parent Guides and Worksheets that give parents and kids the tools they need to overcome the problems listed below.

All based on tried and trusted CBC techniques.


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Performance Worries

ZAR 149.99
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Product Details

Who needs this?

- Children who get nervous when they have to perform in front of an audience at school, on the sports field, at home, or anywhere else
- If your child's crippling worries or fears make them incapable of performing in situations that demand it

What we teach your child

- The Power of Visualising — a superpower that they can use to prepare and become calmer before a performance situation
- How to overcome their negative thoughts about the future
- How to eliminate self-doubt
- How to rectify faulty thinking errors
- How to accept healthy nervous feelings
- How to be relaxed before, during and after their performance
- Not to worry so much about what other people think about them

What you get

- The Performance Worries Comic
- A Parent’s Guide to Performance Worries — explaining the cause and ramifications of worries about performing and offering solutions for this problem. It also contains many effective tips and techniques to tackle Performance Worries and ways to ensure that your child’s Performance Worries don’t affect them for the rest of their lives
- The Performance Worries worksheet — proven to help your child rationalise their worries, visualise their ideal situation and plan a practise routine to help their feel more confident

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