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Problem Solving Packs 

Comics, Parent Guides and Worksheets that give parents and kids the tools they need to overcome the problems listed below.

All based on tried and trusted CBC techniques.


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Obsessive Thoughts and Behaviours

ZAR 149.99
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Product Details

Who needs this?

- Children who often get obsessed with certain things
- Children who do abnormal, repetitive actions or follow illogical, self-imposed rules that interfere with their daily lives

What we teach your child

- The Power of Iron Will — a superpower they can use to strengthen their will and not give into their nagging, obsessive thoughts or behaviours
- To take control over their worrying thoughts
- How to stop their obsessive actions
- To eradicate their fears
- To form a hierarchy of difficult situations and work through them one-by-one
- To fight against the doubt inflicted by obsessing over negative thoughts

What you get

- The Obsessive Thoughts and Behaviors Comic
- A Parent’s Guide to Obsessive Thoughts and Behaviours —explaining the cause and ramifications of obsessive thoughts and actions and offering solutions for this problem as well as effective tips and techniques to overcome obsessive thoughts and actions
- The “Thing" hierarchy List and Diary — proven to help your child document and get rid of their obsessive thoughts and actions

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